Peotry: Annoying stanzas on the stupidity of love.

Peotry: Annoying stanzas on the stupidity of love.

When rivers froze mid-meyhem
And happiness cut short
The earth eroded caves and
The wind kept ships from port,

A tardy sailor cried out
“When will I see my love?”
The ocean then responded,
“When love can conquer us.”

His lover waited at port
Amidst the ice and snow,
Her patience was sadly short,
And it began to show.

“The wind is cold and I
can stand here no more.
I would rather die
than freeze at…

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Checking in: March 16th, 2014

Checking in: March 16th, 2014

Why do I stand a barrier apart like  a bug against pesticide grass? Why do I look at an apple and see a core? Life’s too short for hesitation, yet I draw out time like it will never cut short.

Write her name in your journal in different fonts for hours every day. Carve a heart into a tree with no inscription for fear that she might see it.

Teach me beauty, teach me love, teach me the things I’m…

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Poetry: Party in Mokpo

I followed the whips of her dress,
the cotton tips curling in the breeze like
toes in the thrush of midnight passion.
Her scent like waves,
Tilapia swimming listlessly beneath,
Craving for a fish to siphon.

She smiled, slightly, then disappeared around the corner,                  
Leaving me alone with strangers
Stranger than cartoons.            
As a testament to all the bad break ups and…

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Checking in: Drunken Lego, Broken Heart

Checking in: Drunken Lego, Broken Heart

A month before my graduation, a group of hoodrats put a gun to my back, said they were going to kill me, and chased me through The Junction where I hopped fences and skirted through construction sites without a hard-hat. Two weeks later, battling PTSD in…

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In the philippines

Will be back in February. Have a good month.

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Checking in: April 14th, 2014

Checking in: April 14th, 2014

My insecurities have proven themselves pointless and rebirthed themselves. When, for months, I felt an unflinching jealousy devoid of any imaginable rationale, I now have a reason to feel such jealousy and feel it when such a phenomenon has no context. I’m in a relationship. She’s wonderful, grown, been through enough to know how meaningless this can all be; I feel a responsibility to prove her…

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Poetry: Stream of consciousness because I don’t want to think too much.

Poetry: Stream of consciousness because I don’t want to think too much.

Language fell numb on my tongue,
my throat clogged shut, words like
a climber, wedged between two stones
in a cavern.

My legs began to seize,
my muscles hijacked my intentions,
My brain called collusion.

I felt a sudden urge to move to Palestine,
to hide from firebombs and live in fear
while Dragos wore my DKNY suits back home
and worried about my safety.

How wonderful, I thought, for chaos to…

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Poetry: Ghosts of Cardboard Cut Outs

Poetry: Ghosts of Cardboard Cut Outs

When we were young, we rode camels through space, battled fighter jets with dinosaurs, and ate airplanes for lunch.
We would fall in love with each others’ secrets and pretend to have heart attacks to justify playing doctor.
We would oink during piggy-back races, race through mazes like mice on cocaine, smoke weed to feel older, and jump into the swamp to prove out manliness.
We drank liquor by…

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Back from vacation. Here’s a short thing thing.

Waiting for Baby

“No, no, I was a c-section. When I was a kid, my mom would lift up her shirt, show me the scar, and remind me that she got knifed to bring me into this world.” Tae Jun sipped is instant coffee, fresh from the sugar machine in the waiting…

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Checking in 2013/12/27: Instant therapy.

It’s taking me everything to keep from crossing the room and punching him in the face.  In the face of jealousy I’ve become a teenage girl. My next impulse is to drink more but if I drink more I’m liable to actually punch him in the face. The only option…

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